Technological advances and economic forces are
expanding the boundaries of networks and incorporating locations that were
previously considered unreachable. As IP-based protocols become the standard for
inter-operability, end users are demanding that all connectivity designs be
IP-based, enabling a flexible suite of customer-selected management tools and
infrastructure choices.

Wireless will inevitably become the medium of
choice for most remote systems. Wireless networks are no longer the preserve of
niche specialty technologies; they are maturing into standards-driven systems
that can be more fully embraced by the industrial market. There is no single
best answer for all applications. Evaluating where and how to use wireless
technologies, and how to compare the functions and features of multiple forms of
wireless to find the best option for your project will be the focus of this
Connectivity College presentation.

Bill Conley will
discuss the ways in which wireless data communications already blur the
definition of “network edge” and how to evaluate wireless or cellular options to
build your seamless, connected network. They will explain how emerging wireless
technologies can be adapted into existing networks and discuss the advantages of
blending legacy technology with the latest innovations.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Evaluate when and where to use wireless technologies
  • Compare the functions and features of different technologies
  • Identify the best option for specific applications


Bill Conley, Cellular and Proprietary RF Device Product Manager,
B&B Electronics

Bill Conley is B&B Electronics’ leader in
wireless product development. He has more than 30 years of experience in the
wireless field as an embedded design engineer, specializing in the digital,
microcontroller, and microprocessor arenas. Bill has designed SCADA and
telemetry solutions for remote monitoring and control for 20 years, earning the
“Most Innovative Product” for one of the first wireless mobile MDT’s (Land
Mobile EXPO) and “Best of Wireless Telemetry” (2002 Sensors Expo). Bill is an
author and speaker, and holds several patents in the industrial wireless field.
He is serving as a TIA delegate to oneM2M, a standards body launched in July
2012 to develop specifications to ensure the global functionality of M2M.