You’ve heard of the Digital Signal Controller
(DSC). It’s a hybrid microcontroller and DSP. It’s low cost, low power, and able
to handle signal conditioning, real-time control, and connectivity all at once.

The hardware choices made to create a DSC are important. For example,
you need to have dedicated DSP instructions, a MAC, and Barrel Shifter.
Integrating a Floating Point Unit is also a big help.

Now once you’ve
found a device that includes all this, you still need to have the software to go
along with it. Digital Signal Pro-processing (DSP) libraries offering a broad
range of functionality, and optimized to run on the hardware, give the embedded
developer a great starting point for addressing many DSP application challenges.

Have a sensor on your motor and need to do a little digital filtering?
Looking for a low cost way to do image processing like edge extraction or face
detection? Want to use signal analysis to detect a faulty bearing? Performing
audio processing? Together, a DSC and DSP Library can enable an embedded
developer to quickly solve all these problems and many more.

What attendees will learn:
Attendees will walk away
with an understanding of how to use a Digital Signal Controller along with a DSP
Library to address emerging applications that require some digital signal
processing, but where a dedicated DSP chip is not the best overall solution.
Specifically, the following topics will be covered.

  • What is a Digital Signal Controller
  • Common kernels included in a DSP Library including kernels for filter,
    transform, complex, matrix, and statistical operations
  • Benefits of a well-structured API in a DSP Library
  • Application areas which can be addressed with a Digital Signal Controller
    and accompanying DSP Library

Duration: 50 minutes +

Who should attend: Developers of embedded
hardware or software for consumer and industrial applications

Dobrasevic, RX Product Marketing, Renesas

At Renesas, Stevan is a
member of the RX product marketing team, which is responsible for the RX600 and
RX200 product series. Stevan has fifteen years of experience working in a
variety of design, management, and marketing roles at various semiconductor
companies. Stevan holds degrees in engineering, physics, and business.

King, Senior Applications Engineer, Renesas

Kevin is a Senior
Applications Engineer at Renesas with over thirty years of experience in
embedded development. Kevin’s recent areas of focus include motor control,
real-time Ethernet, medical electronics, and numerical libraries including DSP
Libraries. Kevin has authored application notes in all of these areas and was
co-inventor on a motor control patent awarded in 2010. Kevin holds a BSEE from
The University of Lowell.