Questions for mobile system designers no longer
center around whether systems should integrate audio functionality, but where
should the audio be integrated, what new trends to consider, which features
offer the best power / performance tradeoffs, and who designers can look to in a
make vs buy decision. The answers to these questions are not always
straightforward. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What performance trends in today’s multimedia devices are affecting audio
  • Where in the system to integrate audio codecs
  • What challenges are associated with integrating analog audio interfaces in
    more advanced process nodes such as 28-nm
  • Who to consider when looking at “make vs buy” decisions

Estimated Length: 50 minutes + 10minutes QA

Who should attend:  SoC design engineers, Managers and
system architects

Zajac, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Non-Volatile Memory IP, Analog Audio IP
and Video Analog Front-End IP, Synopsys

Craig Zajac is the Senior
Product Marketing Manager for the non-volatile memory IP, analog audio IP and
video analog front-end IP product lines at Synopsys. Prior to joining Synopsys,
Craig managed the non-volatile memory portfolio at Impinj and Virage Logic.
Craig has over 15 years of experience in the semiconductor industry and has held
product marketing and engineering roles at companies including National
Semiconductor, ON Semiconductor, and Motorola. Craig holds a BS and MSEE from
Stanford University and an MBA from Arizona State University.