This webinar will explore Vishay’s offering of polymer tantalum capacitors and the advantages they provide over standard tantalum, aluminum, and multi-layer ceramic chip (MLCC) technologies, including better derating, lower ESR, higher operating temperatures, and more.

In addition, Vishay’s multi-array packaging (MAP) technology — and the high volumetric efficiency it delivers — will be discussed. The webinar will conclude with a detailed look at some of Vishay’s most popular polymer capacitor series, including their features, benefits, applications, and new ratings under development.

Attendees will learn that:

  • Polymer capacitors provide a number of key advantages compared to devices featuring standard tantalum, aluminum, and MLCC technologies
  • Long term reliability matters, and polymer capacitors deliver
  • Vishay’s MAP technology offers higher capacitance density than any other packaging technology available today
  • Vishay offers a wide range of polymer capacitors to meet the needs of today’s demanding applications