In-memory database systems (IMDSs) are held out as the ideal database solution for real-time embedded systems software. But what is unique about IMDSs versus caching, RAM-disks, “memory tables”, and solid-state disks? In fact, the differences are significant, and can be critical to your embedded software projects. Join McObject CEO Steve Graves to explore this topic, including the limitations (and burden) of database caching; data transfer and duplication; volatility and recoverability, and more. Gain ideas and techniques for building better, faster embedded software.

Steve Graves is co-founder and CEO of McObject, a company whose embedded database technology makes real-time and embedded systems smarter, more reliable and more cost-effective to develop and maintain. Prior to McObject, Mr. Graves led companies in the database, embedded systems and consulting sectors including Centura Solutions Corporation and Raima Corporation.