The technology-rich battfield (C5ISR Systems, Electronic Warface, etc.) is a dynamic environment where threats rise rapidly and change quickly. To respond rapidly to these threats, while keeping a rein on costs and ensure system sustainment in the field, the Departmet of Defense (DoD) mandated the adoption across the various military branches of a Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA). This emphasizes a modular approach to system design. The MOSA directive has in turn accelerated the adoption of the U.S. Army CCDC C5ISR Center’s CMOSS as well as the recently announced Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) Technical Standard.

With the recent announcement of the first set of SOSA standards, SOSA 1.0, this webinar will provide system developers some background on MOSA and its implications. It will then describe SOSA and its structure with a view toward showing how it fosters interoperability of sensor processing hardware and software to eliminate vendor lock and proprietary architectures, thereby lowering the cost and speed the deployment of new capabilities and ideas from more technology providers to address threats.

Registrants will receive exclusive free access to IEEE articles related to the topics covered—one for each session! These important research documents are typically only available through an IEEE Xplore digital library subscription.