As product engineers know firsthand, starting from the 90nm technology node, every successive node has unfolded an ever increasing range of systematic yield issues that make yield ramp an especially challenging task. ATPG Test and Diagnostics have offered the best localization of failures related to systematic issues that affect the logic portions of a device; however, these systematic issues are transient in their appearance and require interaction of several factors to make their true impact felt. In addition to the ATPG Test and Diagnostics on single failed dies, one needs to assess such failures across a broad sampling of failed and diagnosed dies. This helps to identify and prioritize these systematic failure mechanisms in the order of their yield impact. This is generally termed as Volume Diagnostics across the industry. It is an effective methodology, but so far has been difficult to implement in production due to the variety of design, fab and test data that needs to be brought together for analysis. Synopsys offers a turnkey solution to address this challenge in the form of Yield Explorer, our unique design-centric yield analysis. In this webinar you will learn how Yield Explorer can help you accelerate yield ramp for your next device.


Dr. Thomas W. Williams 
Adjunct Professor, University of Calgary 
Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

Sagar A. Kekare 
Group Manager, Product Marketing, Manufacturing Yield Management