From the ground-breaking introduction of the
shield-less AirMax VS® Connector in 2005, FCI is now proud to introduce the
addition of the AirMax VS2™ and AirMax VSe™ connectors which allow for a
scalable migration path from 10 Gb/s (AirMax VS®) to 12.5 Gb/s (AirMax VS2™) to
25 Gb/s (AirMax VSe™) per differential pair, all of this with the flexibility of
an open pin field design and the convenience of backwards mating-compatible
interfaces to the original AirMax VS® connectors.

Learn how the AirMax®
family of connectors combine FCI technologies for a shield-less design with no
metallic plates and closely edge-coupled differential pairs with innovative
design improvements to yield low loss and crosstalk. The mating-compatible
interfaces preserve critical pin assignments which can therefore provide
opportunities for cost savings as new or upgraded equipment is deployed. For
example, an existing backplane or chassis design can be upgraded with higher
speed module cards, all the while allowing for the continued use and
installation of legacy daughter cards, line cards or blades that are already in
the field.

Ideal for design engineers of backplane solutions for
storage, server, network and telecom systems, this webinar will show how FCI’s
shield-less backplane connectors allow for a scalable migration to 25 Gb/s
systems, with the convenience of backwards mating-compatible interfaces which
preserve critical pin assignments and provide cost savings for next generation

What attendees will learn:

  • How to upgrade your current backplane design to higher speeds (up to 25
    Gb/s) without affecting existing field installations, using FCI’s unique
    backwards compatible, intermatable and shield-less connector system.
  • How FCI’s open pin field design with no pre-assigned ground pins provides
    the ultimate flexibility in board layout.
  • How the AirMax® product family addresses a broad range of system
    architectures, including backplane, midplane, coplanar, midplane orthogonal,
    cabled backplane and mezzanine applications.

Oleynick, Field Application Engineer, FCI

Gary Oleynick has worked
as a Field Application Engineer with FCI for nearly 27 years. Gary has worked
with Cisco Systems, Intel, Juniper Networks, Alcatel-Lucent, Sun
Microsystems/Oracle, Brocade, IBM, Microsoft and other datacom/telecom/high
performance computing companies to provide leading edge high speed backplane,
I/O and power interconnect solutions for their system designs. Gary and his wife
Barbara live in Encinitas, California and have a son and daughter in college.
Gary enjoys backpacking/hiking, bicycling, tennis, skiing and a good book.