This webinar will be based around a MIPI-based
mobile platform that consists of an application processor, baseband IC and RF IC
with interfaces to the peripheral devices like camera, and display. The Webinar
shows how SystemVerilog, UVM and verification IP (VIP) are utilized to verify
the SoC that implements that platform. It will specifically focus on how to
validate the data flow for typical scenarios involving the camera (CSI) and
display (DSI) interfaces that include:

  • Camera capture and image display
  • Image retrieval and display
  • Image transfer through a wireless link

45 minutes + Q&A


Neill Mullinger, Product Marketing Manager for Verification IP,

Neill Mullinger is a product marketing manager at Synopsys
for verification IP. Neill joined Synopsys in 2000 and has been focused on
verification IP and protocol verification since 2002. He brings more than 25
years of experience in the hardware and EDA industries as an applications
engineer and product manager.

GVL,  Senior R&D Manager for Verification IP, Synopsys

received his Master’s degree in Digital Systems and Computer Electronics, and
has more than 25 years of industry experience associated with design and
development of communication systems for aircraft and satellite terminals,
modeling of third generation mobile communication systems and memory and
protocol-based verification IP (VIP).  Today, he  is working as R&D Manager
for the Verification IP team at Synopsys and is responsible for MIPI VIP product