Do you consider JESD204B as only serving high end applications? If so, then this webinar is for you! Join Ken Chan from Texas Instruments and John Tauch from Dallas Logic as they introduce JESD204B solutions targeted for low cost, low power applications. Discover how JESD204B is being implemented with low cost Altera FPGAs featuring the Cyclone V development kit and Texas Instrument’s High Speed Analog to Digital converters to enable rapid development and prototyping of small, efficient and low cost designs.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • A basic understanding of JESD204B
  • An Introduction to TI’s new family of JESD204B capable ADCS
  • An introduction to a Dallas Logic’s low cost JESD204B capable, 50MSPS, 12 bit, Quad ADC module
  • A basic understanding of how to implement JESD204B on a low cost Altera SOC FPGA.
  • See a simple Oscilloscope implemented using the solution detailed above..


Ken Chan
Texas Instruments

Applications engineer for high speed data converters supporting tools, solutions, ADC, DACs and RF. 17 years at Texas Instruments with backgrounds in wireless infrastructure, cable modem, and signal processing.

John Tauch
Dallas Logic

Has served as a Principal Engineer at Dallas Logic Corporation
for the past 14 years. Specializing in digital hardware design, his areas
of expertise include FPGA architecture, PCB design and high speed bus
interfacing. Prior to launching Dallas Logic Corporation, John worked as
a hardware engineer at Nortel Networks in Richardson, TX, where he focused
on wireless transceiver development.