Emcraft System’s 30x57mm SmartFusion system on module (SOM) and associated prototyping baseboard helps reduce development time and costs. The modules include the SmartFusion A2F500-FG484 (or A2F200), 16MB of PSRAM, 16MB of flash, crystals, and an optional Ethernet PHY. The layout of the SmartFusion BGA and parallel memories is already taken care of in the 10-layer module, which is pre-loaded with u-Boot and uClinux and includes ready-to-go support for HTTP, SSH, NFS, Telnet, FTP, SNMP, Journaled Flash Filesytem (JFFS2) and more.

Join Emcraft Systems in this hour long webinar to review the SmartFusion SOM features, its accompanying baseboard, example use scenarios, and the included royalty-free uClinux development environment.