Samtec is pleased to announce that we now offer models of some of our standard high speed cable assembly offerings. One consistent issue providers of interconnect models face is making sure users of their models understand what the models represent and how to properly integrate them into their circuit simulation. Join Corey Kimble, Samtec's SI Product Engineer, for a discussion on the availability and use of our cable assembly models.

Topics covered in this webinar include brief overviews of the following:

  • What do the Samtec cable assembly models represent?
  • Which simulation tools will Samtec cable assembly models work with?
  • Where can I find Samtec's cable assembly models on the website?
  • Which Samtec cable assembly product series are models available for?
  • How do I choose the correct model that will represent the specific Samtec cable assembly I am considering?
  • How do I integrate the Samtec cable assembly model into my circuit simulation?

    Please join Corey to learn more about the availability and use of Samtec high speed cable assembly models.

    Corey Kimble, SI Product Engineer