Presented by Avago Technologies in cooperation with Arrow Europe.

There is uncertainty about what makes a design safe in terms of isolation regulatory standards. Customers using non-optical isolators have been confronted with changing datasheet specifications and standards that are no longer valid, so there are questions and grounds for further discussion. In this webinar, we will highlight the main considerations and concerns.

You will learn:

  • The different isolation technologies and standards
  • How safe and continuous working voltages are defined
  • The different failure mechanisms and what they mean for optical and non-optical isolators
  • Our recommendations for different isolation requirements

Who should attend: Engineers who need isolation in their design


Lisa Dietrich, Head of the European Technical Center, Avago Technologies

Lisa Dietrich has worked in the semiconductor industry for more than 15 years, holding positions in both product marketing and customer technical support with a strong focus on optoelectronics and isolation technologies. She is currently head of the European Technical Center at Avago Technologies and is based in Boeblingen, Germany.