This webinar will provide an introductory overview of FTTx networks and what makes them unique. Topics include network elements, topologies, acronyms, standards and a brief overview of the challenges associated with installing and maintaining an FTTx network

Attendees can expect to learn the following:

  • What are FTTx and PON
  • What are the components of a PON
  • What are the advantages of FTTx and PONs
  • Basic PON architectures
  • How to overcome the challenges in deploying PONs
  • PON troubleshooting tips

Stephen Colangelo, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Field Optical Solutions
Stephen Colangelo is Director of Product Marketing and Business Development for Field Optical Solutions at Anritsu Company. His expertise at Anritsu includes 16 years in various engineering and marketing roles including OTDR design and product management. Stephen received his BSME from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY.