Using virtual prototypes in your continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) setup can boost your embedded software development team’s productivity. Traditionally, such setups have depended on physical hardware boards, which come with a host of downsides, such as late availability, high cost, and maintenance issues as well as the possibility of damage during testing of fault conditions.

In this webinar, we will show you how virtual prototypes can be used alongside containerization techniques to create a productive CI/CD pipeline for embedded software development. We will describe how using Synopsys virtual prototypes in place of physical hardware can accelerate your test cycles and provide additional benefits, such as deeper analysis of hardware and software activity and extensive and safe fault injection.

Attendees will learn how virtual prototyping:

  • Can be employed to create a CI/CD setup
  • Provide additional value through extensive analysis and debug facilities
  • Utilizes containerization and checkpoint/restore to vastly speed up test cycles
  • Has the scalability to run extensive regression jobs on large compute clusters by using containers and Kubernetes