Radiated emissions is typically the number one compliance issue many engineers face today. In this webinar some of the primary causes of radiated emissions will be discussed along with some field-proven troubleshooting methods.

Attendees Will Learn:

The top three reasons products fail radiated emissions, Probing methods, Resonant structures, Seams & gaps, Cable shield terminations, Quick fixes

Who Should Attend:

Product designers and compliance engineers.


Kenneth Wyatt
Sr. EMC Engr., Wyatt Technical Services

Kenneth Wyatt is an independent consultant and specialist in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) design, test and troubleshooting. He holds degrees in biology and electronic engineering and has worked as an product development engineer for 10 years at various aerospace firms on projects ranging from DC-DC power converters to RF and microwave systems for shipboard and space systems. For over 20 years, he worked as a senior EMC engineer and test center manager for Hewlett- Packard and Agilent Technologies in Colorado Springs where he provided comprehensive EMC design and troubleshooting services.In The EMC Blog, he discusses issues, trends, EMC design, and product troubleshooting techniques. One specialty is his use of do-it-yourself probes and use of low-cost test equipment and measurement techniques for evaluating EMC issues on the workbench. He is a coauthor for The EMC Pocket Guide and the newly-released book, EMI Troubleshooting Cookbook for Product Designers.Wyatt is a senior member of the IEEE and a longtime member of the EMC Society where he has served as their official photographer.