Please note that this workshop is being held at two convenient times, please click to Pre-Register for full details.

For the first time, developers around the world have access to 50+ sessions, product and application demos and experts at Infineon’s Embedded Solutions Conference 2021.

Infineon is also offering a hands-on virtual training workshop on March 3. Our experts recognize that building intelligent, connected products for the IoT is tough.

In this training, you’ll learn the latest tips, tricks and building blocks to build secure IoT applications that run on Infineon’s ultra-low power PSoC™ 6 MCUs and Wi-Fi connectivity solutions. Using middleware and libraries from ModusToolbox®, we will build a complete IoT application and distribute it to systems through the cloud. The system will use CapSense® and XENSIV™ to enable IoT products to “see”, “hear”, “feel” and “understand” their environment and for remote motor control. The ultimate result? Software to remotely control and operate an IoT product via the cloud.

Though not a requirement, if you would like to get hands-on with our experts and follow along during the training, then it is highly recommended you acquire a PSoC™ 6 Wi-Fi BT Prototyping Kit ahead of time (CY8CPROTO-062-4343W).  As a special offer, use promo code 25OFF to get 25% off your prototyping kit.

In this training, attendees will:

  • Create the building blocks to develop an IoT remote-controlled drone
  • Receive an overview of various low power MCU systems and peripherals
  • Learn how to design a low power capacitive touch sensor application using PSoC™ 6
  • Leverage AnyCloud to build low power cloud connected applications in the ModusToolbox Software Environment
  • Leverage exceptionally precise XENSIV™ sensors to enable IoT products to “see”, “hear”, “feel” and “understand” their environment
  • Use Infineon motor control products to remotely operate a brushless DC motor