To realize the goal of highly connected, intelligent, and flexible building and process automation systems, a new frontier in connectivity has emerged 10BASE-T1L. The launch of Single Pair Ethernet, 10BASE-T1L physical layer solutions will provide, long reach ethernet connectivity to edge nodes making them directly IP addressable. This will provide access to new datasets and insights into asset health, driving productivity improvements and process optimization.

This webinar with explore this new technology, discuss the use cases for 10BASE-T1L technology and review the benefits on offer. Join this talk to hear how to enable your seamless long reach connectivity solution today.

Attendees will learn:

  • What is the new 10BASE-T1L/IEEE802.3cg standard?
  • What are the key challenges encountered when developing an Ethernet Connected 10BASE-T1L node and how to over come them?
  • How to select the best 10BASE-T1L solution to maximize their performance of your application use case?