This webinar will feature Verification IP
components that are driving server, storage, and networking companies to adopt
emerging standards helping deliver the cloud computing infrastructure. Compute,
networking, and storage resources make up the backbone of the cloud, and design
and verification teams need cost-effective solutions that scale in response to
real-time demands and product requirements.

In the webinar you will learn more about these emerging standards and
technologies and how proven VIP plays a critical. Topics will touch on:

  • Ultra High-Speed 40/100G Ethernet—Emerging high-speed network standards that
    support the growing demands of network fabrics and virtualization
  • DDR4—High-performance, next-generation memory interface that offers 2x
    higher performance and 40% lower power consumption than DDR3
  • LRDIMM—Advanced load-reduced memory interface that provides up to 3x the
    server memory capacity while maintaining the same loading as previous RDIMM
  • 12Gb/s SAS—Enhanced protocol for connecting storage systems, designed to
    deliver the massive data content required by the cloud
  • NVMe—Storage protocol (Non-Volatile Memory Express) for connecting drives
    and controllers, unlocking the huge I/O potential of solid-state drives

Hackett, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Tom Hackett is a product marketing manager supporting the Cadence VIP
Catalog. Tom manages outbound marketing for the VIP Catalog and product
marketing for storage protocols. Prior to this role, Tom served for 20 years in
various sales and sales management positions at Cadence and other design
automation and IP companies. He began his career as a design engineer with Texas

Tom holds a BSEE from West Virginia University. He is active in several
storage-related standards organizations and is a longtime volunteer with the Boy
Scouts of America.