It wasn’t too long ago using open source
software like Linux was considered a key differentiator. Engineering teams could
download the Linux kernel, add a few packages, and prototype a simple design or
proof of concept.  Many companies embarked on this path and successfully rolled
out first and even second generation products. This simplicity helped Linux
become commonplace in many embedded designs.

Today, the tides are
changing. The easy download and go approach has turned into a challenging NO GO
reality for product teams. Embedded Linux has drifted into deeper waters with
faster currents and more complex requirements. Successfully navigating
Linux-based designs into the oncoming choppy waters of multicore hardware,
virtualization, and mixed OS environments requires more advanced technical
expertise, significantly better tools, and optimized runtime solutions that will
help project teams stay focused on core competencies and key product

Join Wind River for in-depth discussion on the changing
tides of using embedded Linux and how to keep your next design out of the
riptide. This webinar will take a look at:

  • The evolving business challenges with embedded Linux
  • Innovations changing the game like security Enabled Linux, data plane
    software, and hypervisors
  • Advancements in tools for greater code analysis, debugging, and testing
  • Scaling Linux investments across multiple projects

Seiler, Senior Director, Linux Product Management, Wind River Systems

Glenn is the Senior Director for Linux Product Management at Wind River
Systems. Glenn is responsible for creating and managing Linux and Open Source
product initiatives that solve critical problems for Wind River customers in our
key market segments including Networking, Industrial, Transportation, Defense
and Aerospace. Glenn has been in the Operating System industry for nearly 30
years and has been a strong advocate for Open Source and Open Standards. Glenn
was one of the original members of the Carrier Grade Linux Workgroup and he is
also a contributor to the SCOPE Alliance Carrier Grade OS committee and is on
the Board of Directors for the OpenSAF Foundation. Glenn has been with Wind
River since 2005 and prior to Wind River Glenn held Director of Product
Management positions at MontaVista Software and BSDi and Product Management
roles at SCO and Texas Instruments.

Glenn holds a BS in computer science
from Stephen F. Austin University and a Masters of Computer Science degree from
Texas State University.