Renesas and Micrium join forces to present this
exciting webinar. As embedded applications continue to add more features, the
software required to run those applications is becoming increasingly complex. At
the same time, many engineering organizations are under tremendous pressure to
get to market faster with more differentiated products. This webinar will
examine software trends in embedded applications and discuss how a Real-Time
Operating System (RTOS) and accompanying middleware stacks for communication and
storage can be leveraged by embedded developers as trusted building blocks.
Freed from having to worry about implementing these non-differentiating
features, developers may now focus more of their energy on making their products
stand out. Details on the extraordinary promotion offer wherein developers using
Renesas RX and RL78 microcontrollers can qualify to receive free production
Micrium RTOS and Middleware as well as free support will be given during the

What attendees will learn:
Attendees will learn how to
quickly and easily leverage industry leading microcontroller architectures with
industry leading software for a fast and affordable time to market. The
following topics will be covered:

  • Trends in embedded software
  • What is an RTOS?
  • Why use a Real-Time kernel?
  • Structure of an RTOS
  • Middleware components
    • File Systems
    • TCP/IP
    • USB (Host and Device)
    • CAN
    • Modbus
  • Advantages of Run-Time Monitoring
  • The Power of Two promotion details

Duration: 50 minutes + Q&A

Who should attend:
Developers of embedded hardware or
software for medical, aerospace, communications, industrial, and consumer

Dobrasevic, RX Product Marketing team member, Renesas

At Renesas
Electronics America Inc., Stevan Dobrasevic is a member of the RX product
marketing team, which is responsible for the RX600 and RX200 product series. He
has fifteen years of experience working in a variety of design, management, and
marketing roles at various semiconductor companies. Debrasevic holds degrees in
engineering, physics, and business.

J. Labrosse, Founder, CEO and President, Micrium

Jean Labrosse
founded Micrium in 1999 and continues to maintain an active role in product
development, ensuring that the company adheres to the strict policies and
standards that make it strong. Labrosse is a regular speaker at the Embedded
Systems Conference in Boston and Silicon Valley, and other industry conferences.
He is the author of three definitive books on embedded design: MicroC/OS-II,
The Real-Time Kernel,
Embedded Systems Building Blocks, Complete and
Ready-to-Use Modules in C, and µC/OS-III, The Real-Time Kernel, and has
published numerous articles and appeared on industry panels on the subject of
embedded design. He holds BSEE and MSEE degrees from the University of
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.