Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping our lives. In fact, machine learning has ignited the voice UI and virtual assistant revolution as machine speech recognition approaches the accuracy of humans. The AI powering key voice UI components, such as automatic speech recognition and natural language processing, has traditionally run in the cloud due to computing, storage, and power constraints. However, on-device processing of voice UI provides unique benefits, such as instant response, reliability, and privacy. And fusing multiple on-device sensor inputs, such as camera and accelerometers, in addition to microphones adds a level of personalization that will take us closer to a true personal assistant.

Attendees will learn:

  • How machine learning has improved the end-to-end voice UI experience
  • How on-device processing is essential to creating a true virtual assistant
  • How context-aware multi-modal sensor fusion is crucial for personalization
  • How we provide the low-power end-to-end on-device solution for a true personal assistant
  • How we are advancing AI research to make on-device AI ubiquitous


Jilei Hou, Sr. Director, Engineering, Qualcomm

Dr. Jilei Hou is a Senior Director at Qualcomm and currently the Head of Qualcomm AI Research Program at Corporate R&D. Jilei obtained his Ph.D from University of California, San Diego and joined Qualcomm in 2003. He made substantial contributions in technology innovation, standardization, and product commercialization across wireless 3G/4G/5G standards.