As designers look to their next-generation network designs, they are faced with a set of new challenges when developing products that incorporate the common Ethernet interface. Not only is Ethernet continuing to grow and be driven into faster and faster network communications, but it is also being updated to support streaming audio and video applications over Local Area Networks (LANs) and energy efficiency. As the latest IEEE specification updates have become ratified or advanced to solid draft versions that target improved networking systems’ Quality-of-Service (QoS) and introduce energy savings technology, it will be imperative for designers to understand, incorporate and adhere to the specification to keep their designs on the cutting edge.

In this webinar:

  • Learn about the new IEEE specifications enabling QoS
  • Find out about the new IEEE specification for Energy Efficient Ethernet
  • Understand why a new generation of Ethernet products will be coming to your home
  • Get an introduction to the DesignWare┬« Ethernet QoS and GMAC Universal MAC IP cores and how they can help you launch a new generation of networking products

Estimated Length: 45 minutes + Q&A

Who should attend: SoC design engineers, managers and architects.

John Swanson, Senior Manager, Market and Business Development Group, Synopsys
John Swanson is a Senior Manager in the Market and Business Development Group at Synopsys. John has worked in the IP business since 1990 when he joined Logic Automation / Modeling which was later acquired by Synopsys. John has worked in the verification, integration and implementation aspects of complex IP, in engineering methodology, as well as business development and marketing. He has been working on System-on-Chip technologies and methodologies for over ten years in a variety of assignments. In addition, John chaired the Verification Technical Working Group in the SPIRIT Consortium and represented Synopsys on the Power.org technical subcommittee.