The new 1200V CoolSiC Schottky Diode Generation 5 complete portfolio has now been released. Forward currents up to 40A in TO-247, 20A in TO-220 and 10A in DPAK target solar inverters, UPS, 3-phase SMPS, energy storage and motor drives applications.

With Generation 5, reduction of forward voltage and its temperature dependency leads to a new level of system efficiency.

Moreover, an improved thermal performance compared to a silicon based solution increases system reliability as well as the possibility to increase output power in a given form factor. Combined with Infineon’s 1200V Si HighSpeed 3 IGBT, it delivers 40% lower Si IGBT turn-on losses and reduced EMI.

Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • Target applications for 1200V SiC Schottky Diodes
  • New features and benefits of 1200V CoolSiC Schottky Diode Generation 5
  • Portfolio mapping across target applications
  • Design-in guidelines for SiC versus Si diodes
  • Infineon’s support material offering

Who should attend:
Application Engineers, Product Marketing, Sales Managers, Technical Marketing, Purchasing


Fanny Björk, Product Marketing SiC, Industrial Power & Control

Omar Harmon, Application Engineering SiC, Industrial Power & Control