Today the Load-Pull is, arguably, the most popular technique for characterizing high-power transistors. The technique is used to characterize transistors from the basic building block for technology evaluation to transistors that produce powers exceeding a kilowatt in power at 100’s of MHz.

This Webinar will introduce the participant to the concept of load-pull then delves into accuracy analysis of the constituent components, the different architectures of this method as well as avoiding pitfalls and gotchas.

What will attendees learn?

  • Power Amplifier Basics
  • Load-Pull Theory and Accuracy analysis
  • CW, Pulsed, Modulated and Harmonic Load-Pull
  • Active and Passive topologies
  • Practical tips on improving accuracy
  • Fixture Design Guidelines
  • Applying Load-Pull data to PA design

Who should attend?

  • Application Engineers, Distributor Sales Engineers, Design/Hardware Engineers, Product Quality Engineers, Test Engineers, System Architects, Engineering Management
  • Engineering Students

Basim Noori, Principal RFPA Architect, RF Power Application Support, Business Line HPRF
Basim Noori received an Electrical Engineering Diploma from the Higher Technical Institute, Nicosia, Cyprus, in 1991, and the MSc degree in Mobile Communication Systems from the University of Surrey, Guildford, U.K. in 2000. 

He served as a Senior Power Amplifier Designer at Nokia Telecommunication (UK), Tropian Inc. and REMEC/Spectrian before joining the RF division of Freescale Semiconductor Inc. in Tempe, Arizona as the Load Pull and Microwave Measurement Engineering Manager. He is currently at NXP Semiconductors as a Principal RFPA Architect. Mr. Noori is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom.