The almost “ubiquitous” access to multimedia content in new consumer electronics products is fueling the requirement for improved audio performance to meet the expectations of the consumers. While video content and display resolutions have improved dramatically (due to HD), audio quality has been scarified due to smaller speakers, thinner products designs and traditional compression techniques. This webinar will review market trends and discuss how audio software IP enables designers to create an immersive experience that address consumer expectations. This webinar will highlight real-world examples of how audio software IP solutions have enabled OEMs to enhance audio performance in their consumer devices. 

This webinar will review:

  • Key performance elements to consider when evaluating audio IP solutions for improving sound experience
  • How audio IP software can address performance limitations
  • Several real-world examples of how major consumer electronics OEMs are using audio software IP solutions to enrich audio performance 

Who should attend: 
Consumer Electronic Product Designers, Product Marketing Managers and Managers of Product Design teams that are building multimedia solutions for wired and wireless products serving: Personal Computers, Speaker Arrays, Home Theater Products, DTV’s Mobile devices (Phones, MP3/MP4 Players, Speaker Docking Products, Automobile Infotainment, etc. 

Estimated length:
 30 minutes, 10 minutes Q&A

Michael J. Franzi, Sonic Focus Audio Software IP Marketing Manager, Synopsys 
Michael J. Franzi has over 20 years of practical experience in technical products and international markets, as well as a strong passion for consumers, clients, and global business success. Mr. Franzi is responsible for product marketing of Sonic Focus audio software IP solutions at Synopsys. Before joining Synopsys, Mr. Franzi was vice president of marketing at Virage Logic and ARC International, and has held several executive positions at various technology companies including of vice president of Licensing for SRS Labs and chief marketing officer at THX. Mr. Franzi is also the author for The Sound Room, a blog that discusses today’s consumer audio expectations and the challenges the industry faces to provide an immersive entertainment experience. Mr. Franzi holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and has attended multiple executive management programs including Wharton’s – Aresty School of Business.