Counterfeit electronic
components have a high failure rate and pose a serious threat to life
and to national security. Because of the risk, government and industry
organizations have spent a considerable amount of time and resources
identifying and combatting this worldwide problem. Despite these
efforts, counterfeit and substandard device activity continues to climb.

The industry needs to better understand what products counterfeiters
are targeting, and the methods they are using to produce these
substandard devices. Currently, approved counterfeit detection standards
are all visual in nature. While these methods are extensive, they
cannot guarantee the performance and long-term reliability of a product.
Only product test programs from the original semiconductor manufacturer
can determine authorized product conformity.

The bottom line is to mitigate counterfeit activity through a
meticulous supply chain process that delivers complete component source
and availability information. The webinar focuses on how this can be

This Webinar will discuss the detection and prevention of counterfeiting including:

  • Targets and methods of counterfeiting
  • Current detection measures
  • Anti-counterfeiting best practices

Who should attend?

  • Component suppliers: distribution and sales management
  • OEM procurement
  • EMS procurement
  • Buyers

George Karalias, Director of Marketing and Communications, Rochester Electronics

Dan Deisz, Director of Design Engineering, Rochester Electronics

Steve Hirschfeld, Director of Quality, Rochester Electronics

Andrew Olney, Director of Reliability and Product Analysis, Analog Devices