The world is changing fast. The pace of technological advancement increases every year, and the interconnected nature of today’s products—part of the Internet of Things—has introduced greater complexities, inherent security vulnerabilities, and ever-increasing risk to successful project development and deployment. Further complicating projects are cost and time pressures as companies working with reduced budgets seek to minimize development costs and compress time-to-market schedules.

Recent research from UBM has shown that 55% of new designs are behind schedule by an average of 5 months. There’s widespread pent-up demand for better solutions, more training, and updated methods to shorten embedded development schedules. In fact, by a large majority, developers agree that further investment in commercial tools, operating systems, services and support will increase development efficiency significantly.

Join this exclusive panel Webcast for a round-table discussion from industry experts from VDC, Intel, and Wind River on how embedded development is transforming and how you can be an agent of change for the future.

  • Hear from industry experts on their opinions on the current state of embedded development and where the future lies.
  • Exciting new data, directly from embedded engineers like you, on how they see the present and future of embedded development.
  • How the whole is more than the sum of its parts – a solution approach is leading the transformation of how embedded development teams acquire and adopt new technology.


Jim McLeod-Warrick,

Managing Partner, Beacon Technology Partners LLC


Jay Andersen,
VP of Professional Services, Wind River

Chris Rommel,
VP, VDC Research

Ken Caviasca,
General Manager, IoT Solutions Group, Platform Enabling and Development (PED), Intel