Taking only the lifetime of an average truck as an example (15 years), it is very obvious that the 24V market is a market which sets tough requirements for semiconductor solutions, such as high robustness, less energy consumption or more accurate diagnosis functionalities.
As a consequence, the major challenges for semiconductor solutions are very high and will be reflected within this Webcast.

You will also learn that Infineon is a very experienced semiconductor supplier and has launched a new product family, called PROFET™ + 24V, to meet these demanding requirements.

The new products are specifically designed to drive loads in harsh automotive environments, for example, in trucks and farming machines or any other kind of 24V supply voltage applications. One of the application examples is to drive bulbs or LEDs.

Applications of interest:

  • Lighting
  • Relays
  • LEDs
  • Suitable for all kind of automotive and industrial applications

Who should attend:

  • Design Engineers
  • Application Engineers
  • Purchasing/ Procurement Managers
  • Product Managers

Attendees will learn:

  • The 24V Market sets various demanding requirements for High-Side Switches
  • How you can realize 12V / 24V modular designs with Infineon
  • Infineon supports 24V applications/ systems with a broad range of products & design support materials

Konrad Marreck, Product Marketing Manager, 24V High-Side Switches, Infineon Technologies AG, Munich
Konrad is working since more than three years semiconductor industry. In his current position he is responsible as global marketer for High-Side Switches for 24V applications, called PROFET™+24V, with high focus on automotive & industrial applications