LTE-A, 802.11ac and Wi-Gig are all pushing the
envelope of how to test the components and devices that make up the latest
communications systems. What’s required in the toolbox to successfully perform
RF testing today? Join us on a webinar to explore what you need to know about RF
testing in order to satisfy the latest standards. Whether you are new to RF test
or experienced in this area, this webinar is for you.

Bring your questions and join us to hear/learn about:

  • Role of RF test across the lifecycle
  • Changing role for RF test in light of new standards
  • How modular standards like PXI and AXIe are changing how test is done
  • New test challenges that RF standards present, and the new techniques needed
    to test them
  • Measurement/application examples


Desjardin, President, Modular Methods

Manuel Dassonville, Modular Solutions Outbound Manager, Agilent


Rowe, Senior Technical Editor, EDN