With aging populations, the increasing incidence of chronic diseases and the need to control health care costs, connected health technologies are becoming increasingly important for remote patient monitoring as well as personal health and fitness management. The Telehealth Aggregation Manager (AM) is an essential device in the connected health system enabling personal health devices to log data in a remote Electronic Health Record (EHR) for family and clinical review. It also allows real-time interaction between patients and doctors, families and friends. Choosing the right semiconductor solutions and wireless technologies simplifies design, addresses interoperability concerns and enriches the user experience.

This webinar will address how advances in semiconductor technology including embedded processing, power management and wireless connectivity can help you accelerate your telehealth aggregation manager system design and which tools are available to facilitate your design process.

Who should attend:
Design engineers, system architects, software developers and engineering managers interested in telehealth, consumer medical and personal health system designs

Interest in telehealth and wireless connectivity technologies, personal connected health and consumer medical system designs, basic knowledge of related semiconductor system terminology

What attendees will learn:

  • Overview of various types of personal health systems and telehealth aggregation managers, key system functions and requirements in terms of performance, feature sets, power consumption, portability, connectivity, and cost
  • How to find the right embedded processing solution—from MCUs to application processors
  • How to choose from a range of wireless connectivity technologies such as USB, Wi-Fi™, ZigBee®, ANT™ Bluetooth®, ZigBee®, Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) and RFID.
  • How to optimize the low power requirements of portable AM systems
  • How to boost performance, shorten design time, and reduce development costs with TI’s tools and development kits

Anne Huang, Medical Business Development Manager, Texas Instruments
Anne Huang is medical business development manager at Texas Instruments where she is responsible for providing complete system solutions for medical applications leveraging TI’s diverse portfolio of products including wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and low-power RF. Anne obtained her Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California.

Leo Estevez, Technology Strategist, Wireless Business Unit, Texas Instruments
Leo Estevez is technology strategist in TI’s Wireless Business Unit. Leo received his EE PhD from Texas A&M in Digital Signal Processing in 1997 and worked for Texas Instruments’ R&D Labs until 2002 and prior to his current role.

Sid Shaw, Product Marketing Manager, Wireless Business Unit, Texas Instruments
Sid Shaw is product marketing manager in TI’s Wireless Business Unit, where he drives the business development for low power wireless products. He also serves as the Alumni Board Advisor to University of Southern California School of Engineering. With more than a decade in the wireless industry, Mr. Shaw has held numerous assignments in technology, operations, marketing and general business management. Prior to joining Texas Instruments where he has been for over 7 years, Mr. Shaw has worked for NASA, Conexant and Sony. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles where he has earned his Bachelors and Masters degrees.