The growing trend in technology today is the
interconnection of all devices to each other. Increasingly devices serve their
usual function as well as the all the functions of a personal computer or
laptop. Surfing the web is no longer relegated to your PC, but is a function
offered on your phone, TV and even your refrigerator. The idea of turning on
your oven as you leave work so you have the perfectly cooked dinner when you
arrive home is more of a reality today than it ever has been before.

In this event you will learn about:

  • TI processors powering automation applications
  • Building blocks available to the embedded device market to deliver
    smartphone-like user experiences
  • Demonstration of an application using TI and QNX technologies

Prakash, WW Business Manager, Energy Automation, ARM MPU Processors, Texas

Punya Prakash is a Business Manager with Texas
Instruments’ (TI) Sitaraâ„¢ processors (MPU) business unit in Dallas, TX. She
started her career as an Applications Engineer in the same department in 2010.
Today, she is responsible for the growth of business opportunities for targeted
end equipment in the smart grid such as connected home, building automation
& data concentrators. Punya was awarded the Top Innovator in the Rising
Engineer Star
category by Design News and Mouser Electronics for her
trendsetting contributions as an Applications Engineer. Her success stories were
featured in Design News and Minority Engineer.

Ault, Product Marketing Manager, QNX Software Systems

Chris is a
technical product manager responsible for QNX Software Systems’ product
portfolio. Before joining QNX, Chris was a senior product manager focused on
virtualization technologies. Prior to this assignment, he held positions of
increasing responsibility with hardware and software vendors, including Ciena,
Nortel, Catena Networks and Liquid Computing.