This webinar will survey various applications where power supply solution size is valuable in both FPGA and non-FPGA related designs. Orchid Technologies will present case studies using Enpirion® PowerSoCs with a variety of complex point of load uses to achieve aggressive miniaturized, affordable functionality like never before. This webinar will showcase real life experiences considering power supply tradeoffs and prioritizing features to meet challenging end product demands.


Paul Nickelsberg
Orchid Technologies

I am President and Chief Technical Officer of Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting, Inc. an electronic product development engineering firm with strengths in high end computing design, embedded system development, medical product design, instrumentation design, power system design, industrial product development, motion control, networking and telecommunications, wireless and video system design. I have over thirty years of experience as a technical innovator and problem solver. I have participated in the design of medical products in the areas of cardiology, 3-D video imaging, x-ray imaging, MRI imaging, flouroscopic drug discovery, and urology. I hold a number of US and European patents in electronic instrumentation design. Prior to establishing Orchid Technologies, I worked for BBN Communications, Inc. and Digital Equipment Corporation. I have taught courses at MIT’s Lowell Institute of Technology and for Design News Magazine’s continuing education center. I earned my B.S. in electrical engineering from Union College in Schenectady, NY in 1982.