Server virtualization. Cloud computing. New business processes. Every day, businesses are presented with new ways to optimize. But, what is the best opportunity for your business? How do you take advantage of an increasingly virtual world? How does your telecommunications network factor into the equation? Will it enable business process innovation? Or hold you back?

The telecommunications network is evolving. New services are being created and older services are being reworked in order to better meet the demands of business. This first part of a multi-part webinar series will take a look at how these changes are happening. We will look at the telecom network from an historic perspective, review its current state and look forward to some of the changes that are coming next.

Future installments of this series will examine specific areas of the telecom network in detail. We'll highlight strengths and weaknesses of each and focus specifically on how Telecom Transformation will enable Business Process Innovation.

You will Learn :
By attending this session, CIO's, CTO's and IT Managers will gain insights into how service providers are architecting networks for the future, what technologies are being retired and which will lead us into the next generation of telecommunications. Most importantly, you'll be better equipped to make decisions about which new "technology opportunity" is right for you and your business.

<!–Who Should Attend:

, Product Management, Data Services Level 3 Communications