In this webinar, you will be presented with an
overview of Microsemi’s System Management solutions for High Availability
Communications Systems. Today’s communications systems are becoming increasingly
complex. Many integrated circuits found in today’s advanced communications
platforms require up to 7 different power supply rails for proper operation.
With many of these devices on a given printed circuit board the number of power
supplies needed to power your design is increasingly rapidly. Learn how to
manage a mix of up to 64 Analog and Digital Point of Loads, increase system
reliability, secure your design and, reduce your BOM

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how Microsemi’s Mixed signal Power Manager (MPM) can manage a mix
    of Analog and PMBus Digital Point of Loads.
  • Understand how Microsemi’s MPM can speed development of your power supply
    sequencing design.
  • Understand how Microsemi’s low power CSoC’s can lower your overall system