Applications like smart cars, drones, and industrial robots are driving demand for embedded vision, and developers today need quick ways to add embedded vision support to new and legacy device designs. Featuring a fast MIPI D-PHY interface and a robust library of free IP and reference designs, Lattice CrossLink FPGAs give developers an easy to use, low power, small form factor solution for aggregating, splitting or bridging different types of image data.

Everyone who registers for the webinar will earn the chance to win one of five free Lattice Embedded Vision Development Kits which feature CrossLink. Winners will be notified via email on September 12th.


Attendees will learn:

  • What they need to know about supporting the MIPI interface standard in embedded vision applications.
  • Why low power, small form-factor FPGAs are a compelling hardware platform for embedded vision.
  • What the challenges in embedded vision system development today are and how Lattice CrossLink FPGAs address them.
  • How Lattice accelerates embedded vision development by providing easy to use software and hardware tools, pre-designed IP blocks and complete CrossLink reference designs.