The development process for Hi-Tech companies continues to grow in complexity, requiring shorter development cycles to achieve market goals for new products. Increased interaction of mechanical, electrical and software development has placed rising demands on selecting, qualifying and testing parts for new designs.

ENOVIA Hi-Tech Accelerator for New Part Request and Development streamlines a company’s part development activities. Companies can manage their development processes for hardware, electrical and software parts whether they are designed and manufactured internally, or purchased from suppliers.

Join us for this live webcast to learn how the ENOVIA Hi-Tech Accelerator for New Part Request and Development can help companies:

  • Bring industry-leading products to market quicker and more reliably by leveraging consistent company part processes and optimizing part reuse
  • Respond rapidly to market opportunities by streamlining new part development for product definition and improvement
  • Standardize the new part request and development process
  • Monitor part development business metrics at the company, project or product level
  • Optimize the supply chain by supporting both internally developed and purchased part business models
  • Improve communication and collaboration with global development teams comprised of internal and external resources
  • Use new parts in advanced part and bill-of-material (BOM) management capabilities
  • Support global product development and change processes that provide the right information to the right users at the right time for new parts.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see how the complex business rules of a global Hi-Tech company can be modeled so that each required task and its related information is initiated, distributed, executed and captured in a consistent and logical way.