Today’s infotainment systems have it all—full
multimedia, mobile device integration, POI-enabled navigation, speech
recognition, high-resolution graphics, and cloud connectivity. The only problem
is all of these features come with a big price tag.

Join Andy Gryc,
automotive marketing manager, for this webinar on October 23 where he answers
the question: Is it possible to build an infotainment system that meets today’s
customer demands with yesterday’s price tag? A 50-minute session (plus Q&A),
this webinar covers a number of techniques to help slim down your next
infotainment’s BOM cost; it also suggests ways to target the luxury segment as
well as the more cost-conscious, high-volume one with the same basic technology.

Estimated length: 1 hour, including Q & A.

Who should attend:
This seminar is best suited for
software engineers and managers who are involved in the automotive industry.

Gryc, Product Marketing Manager, QNX Software Systems

Andy Gryc has
been a software developer and designer for over 20 years, and is currently the
automotive product marketing manager at QNX Software Systems. Prior to joining
QNX, he worked as the lead embedded software architect for GM OnStar; designed
and implemented a speech recognition engine; and worked on software for palmtops
and notebooks.