There exist many telecommunication standards in today’s world, covering different frequency ranges. Usage of Wideband Amplifiers enables RF system solutions to cover multiple frequency bands with one product thereby reducing system cost and size. In this webcast, we will also address key performance parameters for Wideband Amplifiers and biasing strategies required to achieve optimal Amplifier RF performance.

Who should attend
RF/Microwave system designers who want to learn more about Wideband RF Amplifiers and biasing architectures.


Kagan Kaya, Applications Engineer, Analog Devices

Kagan Kaya is an Applications Engineer within RF/Microwave group at Analog Devices. He received his B.S. (2006) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Bilkent University in Turkey and MBA (2009) from Maltepe University. From 2006 to 2012, Kagan worked in defense companies and scientific institutes including Bilkent University Space Technologies Research Center and Meteksan Defense. He designed RF, Microwave, Millimeter wave systems for military and space markets; supported EHF Transponder Design and 20+ GHz GaN amplifier R&D and production activities within Bilkent University GaN Foundry. In 2012, Kagan joined Hittite Microwave Corporation (HMC) and in 2014 became a part of Analog Devices family with the acquisition of HMC. Since then, he supported many Product Lines including Integrated Transceivers, Power Detectors, SDLVAs, de/Modulators, Active Bias Controllers, Amplifiers.