Long distances between nodes and the harsh, noisy industrial automation environment, pose challenges for equipment protection and data integrity in industrial automation networks. This webcast will discuss the role isolation plays in providing protection and reducing the system bit-error-rate, using the specific design challenges of an RS-485 network.

Topics to be covered in this presentation will include but are not limited to:

  • Why/ when isolate?
  • Types of isolation and their advantages
  • Design Considerations for an RS-485 node and how this translates to design considerations for signal isolation.
    • Datarate/ Timing
    • Network configuration
    • Isolation type
    • Reliability
  • Different isolated power configurations and their trade-offs for this RS-485 node.

Who should attend?
Engineers and system architects involved with industrial communication solutions.

Colm Ronan—High-speed Signal-conditioning Group Marketing and Applications Manager 
Colm Ronan is a marketing and applications manager in ADI’s High-speed Signal-conditioning Group, focused on communication and isolation solutions for the industrial environment. Colm joined ADI in 1999 and has held a number of responsibilities in design, applications and marketing. Colm is based in the Ireland facility; he holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from University College Cork and an MBA from the University of Limerick.