Motor control solutions are scattered into multiple application areas and unique requirements. However, with a scale of platforms and enhancement in mixed signal integration—it is today possible to use low cost processors to solve mathematical dense application tasks which were not possible few years ago. This webcast will introduce new design methodologies and design flow along with a complete open scale of system design for a range of end solutions.

Topics to be covered in this presentation will include but are not limited to:

  • MC applications overview
  • High performance enhanced processors
  • Graphical programming
  • Ease of use design evaluation and implementation

Who should attend?
Engineers and system architects that are involved in motor control design.

Anders Frederiksen, Motor and Power Control Segment Manager, Analog Devices
Anders Frederiksen is a segment marketing manager focused on motor and power control solutions and whole products. Anders joined Analog Devices in 1998 after a 3 year industrial research period in sensorless vector control at the technical university of Denmark. He drives ADIs engagement in all aspects of motor and power control—with focus on high performance and efficient solutions deployment.