SmartFusion2®  SoC FPGAs and IGLOO2®  FPGAs use a built-in system controller to offer the user security “services”. These services are available to the user via an industry standard API call scheme. Using these services can lower your total cost of ownership by reusing dedicated silicon on these devices. Learn how to access these services for your user design during Microsemi’s upcoming webinar.

You will learn how to use the following system services:

 Device and Design Information Services
          Serial Number Service  
          USERCODE Service  
          Device Certificate Service  
          User Design Version Service 

 Cryptographic Services
          128-bit AES Cryptographic Service  
          256-bit AES Cryptographic Service  
         SHA-256 Cryptographic Service  
          HMAC Cryptographic Service 

 Non-Deterministic Random Bit Generator (NRBG) Services
          Self Test Service  
          Instantiate Service  
          Generate Service  
          Reseed Service  
          Uninstantiate Service  
          Reset Service