Smartphones based on the Android operating system are rapidly growing in popularity. Devices manufacturers and application providers alike are competing to introduce high quality, innovative products on shorter time scales. Development resources are often scarce so using these resources effectively is critical. Mobile phone applications are often targeted to multiple platforms so it is best to architect once and then reuse strategically. This means that building product families rather than multiple, independent products is key.
Attend our informative webcast and hear industry expert Martin Bakal, Electronics Industry Leader, IBM Rational software, discuss six ways to accelerate Android mobile application development using the IBM Rational platform for software and systems development.
Length: 45 Minutes (60 total with 15 minutes of Q&A)
Who should attend:

  • Anyone developing mobile phone applications on Android
  • Systems Engineers
  • Systems Developers
  • Mobile Application Developers

Prerequisites: None
What the registrant will learn:

  • Understand your customer needs by using product portfolio management
  • Manage the complexity of product development using model driven development
  • Reduce effort through cross-device mobile web application development
  • Enhance collaboration and communication across the development lifecycle
  • Deliver reuse across an entire product line portfolio
  • Drive application data security through static and dynamic analysis

Martin Bakal, Electronics Industry Leader 

Martin Bakal is a lead in understanding IBM’s needs in the electronics industry to develop products that supports those markets. He has a BS in electrical engineering and a MS in engineering management, both from Tufts University. Bakal has consulted on numerous projects from the Lockheed Martin on the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) project to working with various customers in the automotive and mobile device industries. Previously, he worked at Phar Lap Software (a Real-Time Operating System vendor) as a Technical Support Manager