As solar cell manufacturers strive to reduce the cost and increase the conversion efficiency of their products, simulation has emerged as an important tool to provide insight into cell operation and point the way toward more efficient designs. In this webinar we present the optimization of rear point contact solar cells using 3-D TCAD simulation, illustrating how process and structure variables impact the performance.

The second part of the webinar addresses system-level simulation of photovoltaic arrays, including the behavioral modeling of solar modules and the simulation of the array inverter and control electronics. The combination of TCAD and system-level photovoltaic simulation provides a complete virtual prototyping environment, allowing engineers to evaluate the impact of new cell technologies at the system level.

Who Should Attend

  • Process and device engineers working in novel solar cell technologies
  • Engineers developing power electronics for photovoltaic applications
  • System engineers concerned with performance modeling of solar arrays
  • Engineering managers and technical directors

Sudarshan Krishnamoorthy, TCAD Technical Marketing Manager, Synopsys

Joanne Huang, TCAD R&D Engineer, Synopsys
Kurt Mueller, Saber Business Development Manager, Synopsys