As phased arrays become ubiquitous in both military and civilian applications, beamsteering and beam stabilization are two hot topic areas. These concepts allow end system designers to improve system performance by pinpointing and focusing radiation beams from the array. This allows the system to more precisely track targets, but also improves power consumption.

This webcast specifically covers how Analog Devices IMUs with next generation performance can be coupled with MATLAB and the specialized MATLAB RF Phased Array System Toolbox to simulate this exact scenario. In this demo, an ADIS16480 IMU senses yaw and pitch and a MATLAB GUI translates these inputs to azimuth and elevation to ultimately correct a simulated beam pattern to a desired steering angle.

Attendees will learn about:

  • IMU portfolio and MATLAB Phased Array System Toolbox overview
  • IMU stabilization application basics
  • MATLAB IMU Integration