Carmakers are capitalizing on connected vehicle features by using service-oriented gateways (SoGs) to help make cars safer, smarter, and greener. NXP and its industry-leading partners offer a unique webinar series to start designing SoG solutions with high-performance computing, networking, cloud services, and OTA updates to provide seamless and personalized new vehicle services to accelerate the digital transformation of the automotive industry.


  • Nov. 16th Automating the Development of AI-based Deep Learning  Vehicle Health Management (VHM) Solutions on the NXP S32G Processor
  • Nov. 17th Transitioning to Safe and Secure Zonal Architectures with the NXP S32G Processor                                                                     
  • Nov. 18th  Designing Secure Automotive Gateway Solutions using Time-Sensitive Network (TSN) protocol on the NXP S32G Processor
  • Nov. 19th  Developing advanced In-Vehicle Cloud Service applications using the AWS’ Connected Mobility Solution and the NXP S32G Processor
  • Nov. 30th  Orchestrating Complex and Secure Automotive OTA Software Updates and Data Management using Airbiquity OTAmatic® on the NXP S32G Processor