The drastic surge in personal electronic devices (PEDs) brought to the forefront many strengths but also weaknesses of rechargeable battery technologies, including Lithium ion and polymer. With safety being the top concern, every Lithium ion or polymer battery requires a safe charger, a comprehensive protector and an accurate fuel gauge. Since poor fuel gauge accuracy can result in premature or abrupt system shutdown. it is imperative to use a high-accuracy fuel gauge that indicates the state of the battery, and how much run-time is available. New battery management solutions address these complex challenges using the novel AccuCharge™ which leverages the fuel gauge to control the integrated charger.

In this webinar, attendees will learn about:

  • Charging small cells safely with very tight voltage and current control
  • Managing fast-charge control of parallel cells of different capacities spaced far apart
  • Achieving industry-leading fuel gauge accuracy that can be used to maximize run-time and improve user experience
  • Cutting development time by eliminating battery characterization for many types of cells
  • Implementing highly programmable protector control to prevent damage due to abnormal voltage, current, temperature conditions and to ensure safe charging and discharging
  • Reducing the overall solution size and make small form factors devices viable

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