A switching regulator is typically the first active component on the input power bus line, and therefore has a significant impact on the EMI performance of the complete circuit. There are two types of EMI emissions; conducted and radiated. Conducted emissions ride on the wires and traces that connect up to a product. Radiated emissions testing cannot be formally performed until the design is essentially complete. This webcast will highlight a new technology that significantly reduces EMI emissions from switching regulators.

Attendees will learn:

  • A new technique that is incorporated into monolithic switching regulators that significantly reduces radiated and conducted emissions.
  • Learn how monolithic synchronous buck regulators can switch above 2MHz, at high efficiencies, all in a small compact design.


Tony Armstrong, Product Marketing Director – Power, Analog Devices

Tony Armstrong is the Marketing Director for Power Products at Analog Devices. He is responsible for all aspects of the power conversion and management products from introduction through obsolescence. An industry veteran, Tony held various positions in marketing, sales and operations at Linear Technology, Siliconix Inc., Semtech Corp., Fairchild Semiconductors and Intel Corp. (Europe). He attained a BS (Honors) in Applied Mathematics from the University of Manchester, England in 1981.