Join LeCroy as we discuss the challenges engineers face for characterizing high speed serial links as data rates increase beyond 10 Gb/s. We will present tools that are available for engineers for dealing with signal integrity challenges for the next generation of serial data standards including PCIe Gen 3 and 10 Gb Ethernet.

This webinar will cover practical techniques that can be used to accurately measure and analyze high speed signals within circuits that are often inaccessible using conventional probing techniques or require advanced analysis in order to characterize jitter and BER performance.

Attendees will learn techniques for: 

  • How to use s-parameters to model, emulate, and de-embed communication channels
  • How to use virtual probing to measure signals at various points along a link
  • How to apply equalizer models to emulate the eye diagram a receiver will see

Lux Joshi, Product Specialist at LeCroy Corporation 

Lux Joshi is a Product Specialist at LeCroy Corporation supporting business development activity for the WaveMaster 8 Zi oscilloscope product line for high speed serial data analysis and signal integrity applications. He holds a BS from Columbia University and an MS from Stanford University both in Electrical Engineering. Lux previously worked in various capacities at LeCroy including R&D and marketing and holds multiple patents for oscilloscope hardware and software. Outside of work, Lux enjoys jazz music and hiking.