With growing requirements for energy efficiency, efficient energy conversion, electromobility and smart grids, companies are looking towards small, flexible, and cost-effective sensors more than ever. During this webinar we will take in depth look at the trends and advantages of sensor based solutions.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • Learn the advantages of sensor-based solutions
  • Get an in-depth look at current trends
  • Receive a coarse overview of the products Infineon serves with magnetic sensor applications


James Sterling
Principal Engineer, Infineon Technologies AG

James W. Sterling is a Principal Engineer for Infineon Technologies AG, Livonia MI. Educated in physics and physical science at Michigan State University, for 6 years he also worked for the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory located on its campus. James’ love of cars however pulled him away from the public sector, he found that magnetics and sensor experience were in demand outside of high energy physics. For seven years he worked with a Tier-1 as a senior engineer, designing Variable Reluctance (VR) sensors and packaging Hall based magnetic sensors for wheel speed, steering and transmission applications. In 2007 he joined Infineon as an application engineer, by 2009 was managing both magnetics and pressure sensors in the Americas. While patenting innovative magnetic solutions in his application engineering duties, Infineon’s sensor business also grew 340% under his watch as the product line’s regional marketer. In 2013 James was promoted to principal, and presently divides his time between global and regional demands.

Joe Bolsenga
Senior Marketing Manager, Infineon Technologies

Joe Bolsenga is a Senior Marketing Manager for Infineon Technologies, Livonia MI. Educated at The University of Michigan and Michigan Technological University with a specific discipline in electronics. Joe always had a love for automobiles, thus, always found employment in the automotive realm. Before focusing his employment within the semiconductor industry in 1995, Joe held positions within engineering at automotive electronic module and OEM vehicle manufactures. Joe’s vast experience ranges from design engineer to VP of Marketing and Technical support. He now focuses his efforts within Infineon’s North American magnetic sensor group to assure the 20% CAGR experienced over the past 10 years.